"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." ~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

Saturday, June 29, 2013

39 weeks

how far along? 39 weeks 1 day
how are you measuring?  40 weeks
size of baby? According to Baby Center our baby is 20 inches long, a bit over 7 pounds, and the weight of a small watermelon...according to ultrasound estimates he's probably close to 9 lbs now
heartbeat? 143 bpm (at our 38 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? + 48 lbs 
maternity clothes? Maternity clothes all the time.
sleep? Each night is different.  Overall, I'm still getting at least 6 hours of sleep when you combine it all but some nights are better than others.  I will find a certain way to get comfortable with my pillows one night, and that won't work the next night.  I have to find a different way each night.  I am waking up probably 3-4 times a night and sometimes I go right back to sleep and other times, I'm up for an hour before I go back to sleep.
best moment this week? Just enjoying these last weeks that I have! Caught up with a lot of friends this week for lunch again and had a date with my hubby tonight.
movement? He's pushing on me a lot! I can feel him press really hard and it just started hurting pretty good the past couple of days. 
food cravings? I still want quiche often.  Had it twice this week!
gender predictions? It's still a boy!
what i miss: I really miss being able to get up easily.  It's so hard to get up from a laying down position or even just a sitting position sometimes.  Or being able to just run into a store....it takes awhile to park, get in, get what I need and get out.
what i'm looking forward to:  Looking forward to seeing what this week will bring!
how are you feeling? I'm feeling ok.  It's starting to get pretty hot out there! We had triple digit temps today.  I am walking a lot slower than usual and feel very heavy and sore a lot.  Just glad it's not too much longer!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jonathan's nursery

So excited to see Jonathan's nursery all finished and put together! I had envisioned it for so long and I love the end result! I love to just sit in his room and look around and think about what is to come! 

When I started looking at nursery ideas, I didn't like anything I saw in stores.  I didn't want a theme of monkeys, or fire trucks, or sports.  I wanted a more modern look and I searched all over the internet for ideas.  I was drawn to all the chevron themed rooms so I knew that was it! 
I was originally going for this bedding:
but I felt like the navy would be too dark and the green was really hard to match with anything.  I picked navy because I thought that would be a color that could grow with him into the toddler years so we maybe wouldn't have to change a lot of the deocrations but I just wasn't that excited about it.  Jeromy wasn't crazy about it either so I switched to this one:
We both liked it so much better and I felt like it was so light and airy!  Last year, I really started loving the color gray and of course light blue is my favorite color so it was perfect!  I was looking at some ideas on Project Nursery and saw a room that had a pop of color and I felt like this would need one too.  I decided on yellow after seeing these printables on Etsy:
The colors match the bedding perfectly and the owner of the Etsy shop (YassisPlace) even listed a picture of Jonathan's bedding as one that would match these printables! I'm not a huge yellow fan but I thought this was so cute and really adds a bright pop of color to the room! I loved the little birds and elephants in this too so I decided to add that to his nursery as well. It's so funny, this one set of printables inspired so much of his room!

 Welcome to his room....

There's a lot of talk about using bumpers or not lately so I just decided not to put them in for now.  I got some breathable bumpers for later and if he starts banging his head, I can always buy some and add to it later.  The site I bought the bedding from has an option for you to purchase extra fabric so we did and Vicki, Jeromy's mom, made a lot of the extras!  They had curtains and pillows, etc. on the site but I knew she could make that no problem!  Jeromy made the initial letters himself! He used his new CNC machine and made the letters from wood and painted them.  Love how they turned out!
I LOVE my glider!! It swivels too! I knew I wanted a fully upholdstered rocker, I just had to talk Jeromy into it and actually find one to match! I didn't think I would find something because most chairs don't come in white.  We were at Babies R Us settling for a cream colored rocker but then right as we were about to order it we noticed this one right next to it...hello! I couldn't believe I found a gray chair that didn't have to be custom ordered! I had seen a "love" pillow on Project Nursery from Etsy but it was so expensive....a few days later I saw this one at Target for half the price! Score! The little blue pillow was made from extra fabric by my mother in law.  The blanket is from my dear friend, Sydne, she got it from Pottery Barn Kids and had his name put on it, so cute! The ottoman is one of my favorite things! I saw it on Project Nursery of course and was made by aletafae on Etsy.
Mommy and Daddy ready for our little baby boy! Picture frames and mirros from Ikea.  The frames have more printables in them by YassisPlace with birds and elephants.  Changing table storage bins are from Home Goods (they match perfectly!) Rug from Ikea ($20...a steal!) Teething cloth on crib made with extra fabric by Vicki!
Another Project Nursery idea...I saw book racks built onto the wall...gotta have lots of books for this reading teacher!  I love children's books.  This is one of Jeromy and my favorite parts of the room! He did a great job putting them up!

Finally to the other side of the room! Bookshelf and night stand bought from Ikea.  Storage bins in the bookshelf were bought on sale from Land of Nod.  The frames have the "You are my Sunshine" printables from Etsy.

On the top of the nightstand....lamp from Ikea, frame from Home Goods and cross was a gift from my Aunt's mother.
On the bottom shelf of his night stand....also from Home Goods.  Blue...white...birds...family!  How could you go wrong!
This is one of my favorite things about the room.  Jeromy took this cool pic! I saw the yellow bird at Target and didn't get it.  I went searching for it later and couldn't find it.  My mom found it and gave it to me as a gift from Sugie, my dog that became their dog...lol! I posted previously in the sneak peak about the canvas, made by my friend Jessica.  LOVE!  Lamp from Ikea.
Well that's probably more than you cared to know about our nursery but I love to remember all these details for later! I can't wait to add the most important part of the room soon....Jonathan!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

38 weeks

how far along? 38 weeks 2 days
how are you measuring?  39 weeks 1 day
size of baby? According to Baby Center our baby is 19 1/2 inches long, about 6.8 pounds, and the length of a leek. Last week at my appt on Tuesday, he was already 7.8 lbs so he's probably hit 8 lbs by now.
heartbeat?  142 bpm (at our 37 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? + 45 lbs
maternity clothes? Maternity clothes pretty much all the time.  The dress I'm wearing in the picture (my first maxi dress!) is actually just a regular dress.  I went to Ross to look for cheap dresses that I could wear today and also as my stomach goes down in the summer. 
sleep? Not gonna lie, sleep this past week has gotten pretty hard.  On one hand, it was ok because I had the whole bed to myself as Jeromy was out of town so I was able to stretch out more but I am waking up every few hours now just from being uncomfortable. I'm definitely gearing up for waking up with my little one soon!
best moment this week? So many great moments! It's my second week off from work and I am still meeting with different friends for lunch and catching up.  Got to see Lea several times this week and that is awesome!
movement? He is moving about the same as last week....he will move a ton at times and then be very still for awhile.  I asked the doctor if this is ok because I've read you are supposed to feel so many kicks or so much movement each hour and he's not doing that (or I'm not feeling it) but she said it was fine.
food cravings? Anything cold.  It's getting pretty hot outside and I love to eat Blue Bell Strawberry fruit bars to keep cool.  Still enjoying quiche! Had some for lunch just yesterday at Tea for Two with Sydne and Lea!
gender predictions? It's a boy....can't wait to meet the little guy!
what i miss: I miss feeling comfortable and being able to sleep a straight 8 hours...I know those days are done but I still miss it.  I dread the evenings now because I know it will be hard and I usually cry each night because I can't get comfortable or I'm in pain on my side.
what i'm looking forward to:  Being a mom soon!  Taking care of my sweet boy.
how are you feeling? Ok during the day but miserable at night.  I have gone through this whole pregnancy with people telling me this will happen or that will happen and most of it never did!  So blessed! I thought when people said the last month is miserable that I would be able to skip that too but no ;) it is! But that's ok because it'll all be worth it when we meet our Jonathan!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

sneak peak: Jonathan's nursery

Everything is finally coming together for Jonathan's nursery! It just needs some last minute touches here and there.  So many people have been asking for pictures but I didn't want to post any until it was all done....it's close enough so I will give you a sneak peak until next week when it's all finished!

The colors of Jonathan's nursery are light blue, yellow, gray and white.  My sweet cousin, Taylor, painted this canvas for him! It's on his door walking into the room.

I knew I wanted a chevron themed room before we even knew the gender.  Gray and blue for boy or gray and pink for girl. My mother in law, Vicki, made these curtains for us!
This is part of his bookshelf.  I knew the room would be blue and gray but it needed a pop of another color.  The printables on there are from Etsy and that's what helped me decide on yellow.  I got the yellow storage bins on sale from Land of Nod.
One of my favorite gifts! This was hand painted by my oldest and dearest buddy, Jessica.  The ribbon was on there because it was a gift but I like so I may keep it just as it is. 
One of my favorite parts of his room...our glider and ottoman! I just got the ottoman in today, ordered it from Etsy.  Sorry the picture quality isn't great, it's just from my iPhone.  I need to find my digital camera.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

the busiest week of my pregnancy - part 2

This week continues.....!

Saturday was the busiest day I've had.  I was going non stop from 8am - 11 pm.  I'm gonna need to rest up this week :)

At the beginning of the morning, I had lunch with Kim and Megan at Crescent Moon Coffee Bar.  We try to meet for breakfast there twice a month for their quesadilla bar and omelette bar.  It was supposed to be the weekend for the quesadilla bar but the chef had gotten the date wrong so we didn't get any quesadillas :( I was pretty bummed but I had a great muffin instead and it was still yummy.  Plus the company was great!

After that, it was time for Darcy 1st Birthday Party! Most of the whole family was there and it was a very cute 1st birthday.  Carlee did a great job with the decorations! It was fun to watch Darcy open gifts and interact with everyone.  She's such a sweet little girl!


Now moving onto the afternoon! I was able to get last minute tickets to see Flashdance at the Hobby Center for me and my mom for Saturday at 2pm.  That was one of her favorite movies when she was in high school so I knew she'd love it! We always love going to the Hobby Center downtown because we get free valet parking! Lexus is the big sponser of the Hobby Center so if you own one, you don't have to pay for valet....score! I definitely wasn't going to be parking and walking a long ways ;)  The show was fun and we had pretty good seats at the top right in the center. 

I got home from the show around 5:30. I changed clothes and Jeromy and I immediately left to go hang out with his parents for an early Father's Day.  We went out to Katy Mills Mall, ate Fuddruckers, and walked around the mall.  Vicki and I hit up a lot of baby clothing stores and got some cute stuff for Jonathan!! I don't know if he'll be here for July 4th but I've certainly got to be prepared for it! I got these cute items for him just in cases!

We got home from the mall around 10 pm and I was wiped out!! But I still stayed up to do some laundry for Jeromy because he is traveling this week.  My sleep has changed this week and its getting much harder to get comfy at night so no point in going right to bed.

WHEW! Well there we are....Saturday to Saturday! What a busy week and now this week I think I will tone it down a bit :)  I don't know if anyone will care to read this but I certainly want to remember this time! 

the busiest week of my pregnancy - part 1

This week has been my first week off from work and I have been busy ever since! I've only got so much time to get everything in before Jonathan's arrival so I've been doing something every day!  Thursday of last week was my last day of work and the business started on Friday. I went to get my hair cut one last time before baby...crazy to think next time I go (whenever that may be!) I will be bringing Jonathan with me!

Friday night was my cousin, Taylor's high school graduation in Angleton so my parents and Nana and I made the trip down there.  Hard to believe she's a high school graduate! She was born when I was 10 and now here we are!

Saturday morning, Jeromy and I went to Byron and Carlee's house to hang out with our nieces and nephews.  Jeromy was such a sport, he's always so good at keeping the kids entertained.  They rode around in little motorized jeeps and tractors...it was really cute!  The bigger cousins played in the water sprinkler while Carlee, Michelle, and I got to sit and chat.  It was a fun time together!
Later that day, Jeromy and I went on a date out to the Woodlands.  We had our first date at the Cheesecake Factory and that's also where we went right before he proposed.  I really wanted some chocolate mousse cheesecake! We ate, walked around the mall area, and had a great time!  On our way home, we stopped at an antique car show and walked around together.  We are SO enjoying these last few weeks as a family of two!

Monday, I got up at 7am with Jeromy and stayed up til 8, but then decided I wanted to go back to sleep while I could! I slept til 10:30! I never do that and haven't done it again but it was nice to rest after a busy weekend.  I cleaned most of the day at the house and that felt good.  Shout out to my wonderful daddy who came over to help me move all the furniture, there was no way I could do it!

Tuesday, I had plans to meet up with my friend Erica and her mom, Loretta and Erica's son, Evan.  Erica and I met in a speech class during a summer session at Tomball College.  Pretty crazy we have kept up all these years!  It was also easy to keep up because I worked at Hancock with her mom Loretta so I was able to keep up through her.  She works out near Memorial City Mall so I made the trip over there but it was worth it because I got some shopping done!  We had lunch at Pappy's Cafe (which is like Goodson's in Tomball) and had fun catching up!  They gave me some wonderful gifts for Jonathan including monogrammed burp cloths...I love them!  After lunch, I realized I was close to Ikea and I needed to go there so I made a "quick" trip.  I got out an hour later! It takes so long to get through that store!!

That's just the first part of the week....I've been adding more to the blog each day and the second half of the week has been even busier! This is a long post so stick with me.... :)

Wednesday, I met with my friend, Sydne, who I used to work with at Hancock.  We met at Tea for Two tea room and it was so good! I got quiche (of course) and salad and then we split the most amazing piece of cake. It was so nice to catch up with her and she got me a precious blanket for Jonathan! I also went shopping a lot that day...Carter's, Babies R Us, and Target.  Had lots to return and new things to pick up as we are getting closer to the date!

Thursday, I picked up my niece, Melissa and we had an Aunt Tristan/Melissa date! She is much like me and likes to be girly and asked me to take her to get her nails done.  Of course! I needed a pedicure too so it worked out! We got our nails done, ate McDonald's at my house and watched My Little Pony and Scooby Doo on Netflix. It was a lot of fun!

That evening, I went to game night with the girls in my Sunday School class and it was the most fun I've had in a long time! We laughed so hard and so much my belly was sore the next day! It was a riot!!

Friday, I hung out with Carlee and the kids.  We went to the Tomball Library.  It was fun watching William and Darcy in the children's section.  After that, I helped Carlee make cake pops for Darcy's first birthday party. 

Friday night, we went out the Cypress Campus for building tours and dinner on the new land.  It was a great night of worship and fellowship! May many families in Cypress come to know the Lord because we did all we could do!


Saturday needs a blog post of its own...lol! I cannot believe how much I crammed into this week! Stay tuned for part 2!

Friday, June 14, 2013

37 weeks

 **updated after latest appointment:
how far along? 37 weeks 4 days
how are you measuring? 38 weeks 3 days
size of baby? According to Baby Center our baby is 19 inches long, about 6 1/3 pounds, and the length of a a stalk of Swiss chard. Will get a more exact weight on Tuesday as he is definitely bigger than that! update: 7.8 lbs!
heartbeat? 142 bpm (at our 37 week appointment)
total weight gain/loss? +42.5 lbs ...way more than I wanted but it's getting close to being done so I'm not really that worried about it anymore, trying to eat well and that's all I can do
maternity clothes? Maternity clothes all the time...recently found some really comfy v-neck tees at target and I've been wearing mostly that lately, they are basic but I like them because they aren't see through.  All my other ones are and you have to wear a tank underneath and it's getting too hot for that!
sleep? I'm getting more uncomfortable at night.  I think I'm still sleeping a good amount but it's all choppy as I'm waking up to turn a lot.  My lower back near my hip hurts often and makes it really painful to turn over. Get up once a night to use the restroom still.  Don't think it's really that bad though.
best moment this week?  Date night with my hubby! Went to Cheesecake Factory last Saturday and split our fav meal....four cheese pasta with chicken. So yummy! They have great bread there! Trying not to eat so much because I just can't fit it so I was pretty full.  I definitely wanted cheesecake so we went and walked around the mall and got some on our way out to go...ate it much later at home. Good choice!  It was great going back to the spot of our first date! SO enjoying these last few weeks together.
movement? I don't feel him all day every day but when I do, he is quite the squirmy little guy!
food cravings? I want quiche a lot lately.  I have gone to La Madeleine a few times on my own and then I had an excellent chicken and spinach quiche at Tea for Two tea room the other day....delicious! Also been craving something cold and sweet for the summer and ice cream just has too many calories.  I started buying blue bell strawberry fruit bars...so good! And Jeromy LOVES them! He ate 4 of them the other night! I'll do anything to get him to eat something remotely healthy so I bought 5 boxes of them at the store the other day, lol! They were on sale.
gender predictions? It's STILL a BOY!
what i miss: Being able to walk correctly. My body.
what i'm looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment....I am really wanting to see where we are at and what the next few weeks will look like. I actually JUST called her office thinking about it asking if I could come in earlier that day but they didn't have anything. I'm getting ANOTHER ultrasound which makes 5 now.  Everything is fine, just some things she keeps wanting to check. Hopefully with this one she'll really be able to give me a good estimate of what his birth weight will be and when that might be!!!
how are you feeling? I've hit that uncomfortable stage for sure. I'm not miserable but I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I just want to meet our son already!  I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm definitely thankful God has given us this gift.